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15,000 square meters of low-carbon environmentalprotection industry demonstration zone

Demonstration Zone was formally established on July 10, 2015, it is located in the Songshan Lake high-tech industrial park covering about 15,000 square meters, the region with 12 freestanding buildings with a total construction area of about 14,000 square meters, the introduction of the British low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection high-tech enterprises, in order to build a low-carbon green technology platform convergence and integration of green financial capital platform as the leading low-carbon industry gathering area and international cooperation demonstration zone.


独立冠名、独立空间、独栋办公、阳光地下室、专属电梯等商务办公空间体验,成就企业梦想与荣耀; 大面积玻璃幕墙,低碳节能的双层LOW-E玻璃。整体视野开阔,缔造宁静通透的绿动空间。

500 to 1500 square meters of green space motion,presented socially responsible entrepreneurs

Independent title, independent space, single-family office, sunshine basement, elevators and other exclusive commercial office space experience, business achievements and dreams of glory, Large areas of glass curtain wall, low-carbon energy double LOW-E glass, the overall vision, to create a peaceful and transparent green moving space